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Previews: DC's post-Convergence titles

Previews Cover-April 15 Back

As the cover of the latest issue of Previews, the comic shop catalogue shows the big event for June is the first wave of new (and some revamped) titles to "diversify" the DC universe and also marks the end of the "New 52".

The range of titles is varied (and at least 5 more are to come next month) so here's my pick. That is to say the ones I've ordered.

The first issue of the Justice League America (see Previews cover) is the biggest (literally) of the titles with a lot of extra pages, 56 in all and a price to match ($5.99)! But with writing and art by Bryan Hitch (a Brit for those of you who don't know) this is going to be one stunning title. Did I mention a bunch of religious aliens heading for Earth! And something from Krypton lurking with them....

Then there's Batman Beyond. Not a title I've ever bothered with before though the cartoons were fun. This time he's in the definitive future of the DC universe, following the finish of Futures End one assumes. Can't wait. There's an Atomic Knight on a giant dalmatian on the cover.....

STK672289 Image STK672293 Image

And John Constantine gets a relaunch. He's becoming central to the DC line of comics and with a nod to the Vertigo line he gets Constantine: The Hellblazer as his moniker. Good man.

Earth 2 or it's survivors at least return in Earth 2: Society whilst the various Green Lantern spin offs reduce to Green Lantern: Lost Army.

STK672297 Image STK672299 Image

Justice League 3001 is relaunched with a year added to it's title. I wasn't sure what to make of this title of "restored heroes" in the future when it first came out but the story is great fun. They are not clones. The heroes DNA is used to "overwrite" existing human, but the results are .. well pick up a copy and read. Did I mention that Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Booster Gold from pre-Infinite crisis are here as well. The real deal.

Add Fire and Ice (both now "goddesses" in the far flung future) fro Justice League International and you will hopefully rush out to pick up back issues to catch up on this very bizarre title.

Both Martian Manhunter and Midnighter appear in their own titles. Love both these characters and it's good to see the former Authority errm..hero back!

Then there's Prez. Only a 12 issue limited series. A Teenage President on an alternate Earth. Based on the seventies title revamped for the modern age!

STK672307 Image 
Now                                                                  Then

Starfire is my final choice of the new wave. An alien warrior makes her way on Earth.

Titles that didn't interest me included Bat-Mite and Bizarro. Way past their sell by days if you ask me, but every character has their fans I suppose.

Oh and although not part of the new wave Justice League #41 has a 48 page story to launch the Darkseid war. Oh and he's fighting the Anti-Monitor. Remember him from Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Next month a few more new choices. If we survive. Earth 2 Didn't.

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