Thursday, 16 April 2015

Marvel Flashback: The coming of Union Jack.....

Invaders #8 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas (w) Frank Robbins (a)

From the Ashes of War...The First British Superhero is reborn!

So shouts the announcement on the cover of Invaders #8, the comic that revives the Timely Comics characters and is set during the Second World War.

Captain America & Bucky, The Sub-Mariner and the Original Human Torch & Toro, "the greatest superheroes of World War Two".

Sitting around a grand dinner table the heroes feast with Lord Falsworth and his daughter oblivious to the fact that his nephew is in fact Baron Blood complete with false teeth to hide his all to real fangs. Here we learn the tale of Lord Falsworth's exploits in the Great War as a costumed spy.. Union Jack. and his last mission to capture or destroy whoever is killing high ranking British subjects in an attempt to undermine the war effort.

The culprit is of course none other than Baron Blood..

Cue the forties and the dastardly villain is back again. and the Invaders are setting about capturing this villainous agent of the Axis.

However the Invaders are taken down and only the return of Union Jack saves the day...for now.

The Invaders was typical seventies fare and lasted some 41 issues plus a couple of Annuals & Specials.

Worth a read I'd say..and continued next issue!

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