Thursday, 13 December 2018

Bite Me (Revamp) OUT NOW!

Bite me - THE COMIC

The Bite Me Comic (Revamp)

Various (w) & (a)

I'm not usually one to pick up "Independent Comics" but decided to give this professionally looking one a chance and ordered a copy. I was not disappointed. This mix of new and reprint comic strips for girls (and boys) was a terrific read.

The comic starts off with The Moonlight Girls by David Braysher an entertaining of a group of schoolgirls initiating a potential new member to their group deep in the woods at night. Judy our plucky little applicant tells of The Countess and how the heroic vampire slayer Ingrid Holst rode off to save the blacksmiths daughter. Nice little twist to this one.

Night Light follows. There are things in the night only a light can protect you from. Lucy where are you? A very short tale to scare you from Will Pickering

Colin Maxwell brings us The Doll Sitter about a babysitter and a doll. What could go wrong....

Next up are a couple of stories from Misty with permission of Rebellion Publishing (2000AD) which was nice of them. Bite Me reprints Who killed Teacher and Twin Catastrophes both well worth a read!

The comic strips end with Clarabelle and the Ghostly Locket is a fun little story set in a girls boarding school. "Chuffing"horrors you say. Just watch that language young lady.

As for me MORE I say.

Go to: just £3.50 plus postage.

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