Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Justice League Dark - Animated Movie (Warner-DC/2017)

Justice League: Dark

Justice League Dark (Warner Bros/DC Comics)

Violent murders are taking place all over the world. All the culprits are normal people seemingly gone mad. Te Justice League intervene and discover there is a magic connection. And off the Batman goes to find John Constantine, the British magician, a bastard, but on "our" self.

The combination of the down to earth batman with Constantine, Zatanna, Jason Blood (The Demon), Deadman with a little help from the Swamp Thing makes a change for animation fans as so often it's only the "big seven" that get featured in these films.

Plus of course there's the House of Mystery with current resident Constantine in charge and Orchid believed to be a manifestation of the House itself.

The film as can be seen from the US trailer shows tis got an "R" rating (17+) but only a "15" in the UK. This is proably due to a higher level of graphic violence than usual plus Constantine bad language. Trust us Brits eh!

A good film and well worth having a copy in your collection.

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