Thursday, 27 December 2018

Freedom Fighters #1/12 (DC) Out Now!

Freedom Fighters #1 (of 12)(DC) 

Robert Vendetti (w) Eddy Barrows (a)

The Freedom Fighters return in their latest incarnation within the DC Universe in an alternate reality where the Nazi's won the war, a frightening enough concept.

It's 1963. 7 years after USA lost and the underground is gathering around it's leader Jesse Matthews who humiliated the Nazi's in the 1938 Olympic games. The arrival of the Freedom Fighters bodes well until the attack of the Plastic Men (think Nazi versions of the Plastic Man and the underground's leadership is not only crushed but they are executed live on TV.

Several years later new versions of the Freedom Fighters appear and start fighting back but the Nazi's are prepared.

I could not fault this opening issue of the Freedom Fighters set on Earth X. Both the writing and art are excellent promising a great ride over this twelve issue mini-series. I highluy recommend this comic.

There have been two previous series , the first from the seventies lasted 15 issues (I have the first 8) and didn't think it was that bad but some comics just don't last. The second which I have read and forgotten about was published in 2011. One of these days I'll dig it out for a re-read.

However that might be a wee bit of an overkill as I just purchased the DC Animated film The Ray which is also set on Earth X with the Freedom Fighters. A review of that will appear in due course.



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