Sunday, 23 December 2018

X-Men #22 (Marvel/1966)

X-Men #22 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas (w) Ray Gavin (a)

This is one of those comics I picked up on whim, mainly because I have next to no early issues of the X-Men and only ever purchased about 4 when I was a child. Not a great fan at the time. I still only dip into the X-Men occasionally but do quite like the movies.

This issue is pretty standard fare. Sometimes a bit over wordy and contrived and the premise for their capture by Count Nefaria is well, stupid to be honest. And that's on top of an overlong session in the so-called "danger room" designed by Professor Xavier.

The mysterious appearances of other X-men as the gang go around their business leads them to being confronted with a bunch of fairly lame super-villains who get the better of them so in turn each X-Man and X-Woman ends up being transported to the Fortress of Count Nefaria who hopes to enlist him to his cause. Some hope their , eh readers!

We have to wait until the next issue for the conclusion of this story line which is not high on my list of collecting priorities, especially now I'm a pensioner.

For hardcore X-Men fans only.

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