Sunday, 2 December 2018

Marvel Super Adventure #1 (Marvel UK/1981)

Marvel Super Adventure #1 (Marvel UK)

Daredevil: Stan Lee (W) Gene Colan (a) 

Black Panther Jack Kirby (w) & (a)

The comics industry was changing rapidly in the eighties and Marvel UK was adapting to the new market as best it could despite actually being in competition with the American imports which could be found in Newsagents around most of the UK and specialist comic shops were starting up.

This title was ostensibly aimed at the "more sophisticated" reader and they decided to offer a full length story plus a shorts serialised backup as an alternative to the normal British comics (including Marvels own output).

Daredevil was chosen as the main feature with Black Panther as a backup. Both are perfectly good stories but Daredevil had already had these stories published in earlier versions of Marvel's British output. The Jester was the villain chosen for the start up story.

Kirby's very bizarre seventies Black Panther were featured in the back up from the US editions of Jungle Action/Black Panther comics. I'm not sure what readers would have made of Kirby's output. I loved his wacky stories but they didn't appeal to everyone.

This is a decent comic to collect and I managed to at least start with the first issue which came with the free gift, a Daredevil "iron on sticker". (Did anyone actually do that?). Now just 25 issues to collect.

Well I liked it!

Marvel Super Adventure merged with Captain America weekly which I have yet to get a copy of.


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