Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Comic Scene #3 & #4 (ComicsFlix) Available Now

I only came  across this magazine by accident whilst I was surfing the Internet looking for Comichaus whose website had been off-line, but I'm certainly glad I did. I purchased these two issues that were still available and ordered the pilot issue. After that I'l get  Comics Scene via my local comic shop 30th Century Comics in Putney.

These arrived yesterday morning and although I've only read a few articles in both of them ( I tend to dip in and out of these kind of magazines) there's plenty for everyone.

In the third edition (Cover dated December 2018) the contents are dominated by War comics which is fine by me. Charley's War (Battle/Eagle) is covered as are the reprints. I'm only familiar with the strip from Eagle (vol 2) when Battle was merged into that comic.

There's also features on The Rat Pack also from Battle. Marvel UK's short-lived Fury, DC Thomson's Commando, Rogue Trooper from 2000AD (one of my favourites) and an Eagle book from 1958 called The Happy Warrior which is all about Winston Churchill. Might look out for a copy of that, probably a reprint as it could be expensive!

There's plenty of other stuff to read including a a feature about the late, great Stan Lee, Roy of The Rovers and a section on Indy comics which I will get around to reading later.

The fourth issue (Cover dated January 2019) tales magic as it's theme with articles about Scream (which I collected) Horror Hosts in Girls comics (sounds fascinating, never read any of these until I was an adult and found out about Misty, now there's more!).

The Sandman and Books of Magic from DC Comics get a look in as they are from a British creator, Crossed (have loads of these. The grossest comic like ever!) and Marvel UK has Dracula Lives on show!

There's other features which I have yet to really look at including the 13th Doctor and a section on Indy Comics but what I did have a look at was the article on "vintage comics. Wham!,  Smash! and Pow! along with a Dandy & Beano Summer Special were all on show.

Vintage? That's my childhood! I loved those comics and still pick up copies from time to time. I consider "vintage" comics to be from the forties and early fifties. Yikes I am getting old. 61 going on 16!

I've already pre-ordered the re-launch issue and highly recommend the two available back issues. There's also a comics Annual which I'll review when it arrives!


And coming on 20th December to WHSmiths and McColls is the new volume. 

Please grab a copy we need this type of magazine for British Comic fans. 

Comic Scene is also available from the publishers direct: comicsflix.org

 and Your local Comic Shop (via Previews)

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