Saturday, 1 December 2018

Sea Devils #15 (DC/1964)

Sea Devils #15 (DC Comics)

France Herron (w) Jack Adler (a)

One of DC Comics quite weird series of the sixties was the Sea Devils, the tales of a group of deep sea divers who got into fantastic adventures with fantastic creatures and villains. Almost as bizarre as some of the stuff churned out by Archie comics in their superhero titles like The Fly.

These were family friendly adventures but with hindsight one might think the creators were tripping when they wrote these stories. The book length adventure Secret of the Sunken Sub is no exception to the rule.

In this tale Professor Walton goes to sea in an experimental submarine only to get lost at sea. His daughter not wanting her father to be blamed for any disaster is a member of the Sea Devils and together the team go off in search of the missing sub.

Due to the need to deep dive in search of the sub the foursome cover themselves with a special oil. This makes them start to behave like fish. Yes you heard right and then there's this giant underwater spider that spun a web to catch well a submarine. Go figure.

Did I mention the artist wrote himself into the story?

Told you it was weird and worth a read. Pick up a copy or two if you come across them in your local store.


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