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Back issue spotlight: Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #7

Cover for Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #7 (1972)

Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #7 (DC)

Various (w) & (a)

This is one of the lesser known horror titles produced by DC and until I picked this one up had none in my own collection. Introduced (for the first time apparently) by a host called Charity this issue contains three complete stories.

The first features a lost hunter delirious from lack of food and water who seemingly hallucinates about an impossible giant spider until he is "rescued " by the beautiful Elana and taken to her fathers house for safety.

But all of course is not as it seems as our central character continues in his delirium until he makes a fateful choice, but will he make the right one?

The next feature The Immortality Thieves is a tale of sibling rivalry, a youth serum and double betrayal. This is the best of the three tales the others frankly being mediocre even for their time.

The final adventure sees a Count get his comeuppance as you would expect in a little romp entitled The Royal Right.

Serves hi right might have been a better title!

Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansions lasted 15 issues between 1971 and 1974

Cover for Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #11 (1973)

Oddly the host of the book went on to assist Jack Knight (aka Starman) and eventually married a policeman in Opal City.

Charity O'Dare: Fortune Teller

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