Friday, 20 March 2015

Marvel Flashback: Marvel Team Up #35

Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 35

Marvel Team Up #35 (Marvel Comics)

Gerry Conway (w) Sal Buscema/V Colletta (a)

"There within the milky depths of the Orb of Agamotto: the one I seek" says Doctor Strange "Only He can aid me Now".

Que for an illustration of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four.

I picked up this issue of Marvel Team Up for the simple reason it is one of just a handful of issues that does not star Spiderman. Hailing from 1975, this adventure is a continuation from the previous issue where Valkyrie of the Defenders has gone missing, and the Doc needs help to find her.

And boy does she need help.

Facing being sacrificed to the old gods by some one off villain, Jeremiah.

Turns out our villain is not what he seems. Hiding behind a masquerade of a mystically powered servant to some unearthly evil, he is in fact a mutant.

Needless to say he gets his just desserts!

Not one of Marvels finest but a fun distraction.

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Spidey was in the preceding issue. Must track down one of these days!

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