Thursday, 12 March 2015

Back issue spotlight: Rip Hunter Time Master #20

Cover for Rip Hunter #20 (1964)

Rip Hunter: Time Master #20

Jack Miller (w) Will Ely (a)

Before Doctor Who there was Rip Hunter whose adventures kicked on in Showcase # before he went on to star in 29 issues of his own comic book. This particular issue published in May 1964 is towards the end of his run and contains the inevitable clash of time travellers with Adolf Hitler.

The story Adolf Hitler's Greatest Secret also stars Mussolini and err.. Napoleon. Well it is about time travel! Whilst out taking film footage of the second world war, the time sphere gets hit and off the intrepid team go to be interrogated by Hitler himself.

Blackmailed into fetching Napoleon from the past to help save the German army from destruction in Russia (yeah I know something not quite right with that idea, but then this is comics).

Obviously the chums all escape but I had to laugh out loud at the scene of Napoleon punching Hitler. Classic.

Might see if I can pick up more of these in the future. Great fun!

Rip Hunter 1Cover for Rip Hunter #16 (1963)

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