Monday, 9 March 2015

Back issue spotlight: Blackhawk #191

Blackhawk # 191 (National/DC Comics)

The Blackhawk team were originally introduced to readers in Military Comics #1 published way back in 1941 by Quality Comics. They had a high readership only being out shadowed by the top-sellers Superman & Shazam published by National/DC and Fawcett respectively.

Their longevity was such that Blackhawk was one of just four titles that survived from the forties through to the sixties. No prize for guessing the others were Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman.

However they are long gone, with a modern attempt to revive them when DC launched it's "New 52" being an abject failure. It was cancelled before I gave up on it!

The stories that I remember from the sixties and occasionally pick up a copy for are the usual wacky affairs that gave DC it's trademark for the time. Along with The Sea Devils and the Challengers of the Unknown Blackhawk was great fun!

This multinational team team of adventurers would get them into all sorts of scrapes as this issue clearly shows from it's cover, and for once the illustration actually depicts an event taking place inside the comic. Many covers of that period were misleading, but part of the charm that made me a big DC fan.

There is one amusing scene where the Blackhawks run to the rescue of their leader and find the villain of the story tucked up in bed still wearing his mask.

Worth picking up for a wee bit of nostalgia.

This particular issue was cover dated Dec 1963.

Here's a couple of covers to wet your appetite!

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