Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Back issue spotlight: Action Comics #315

Cover for Action Comics #315 (1964)

Action Comics #315 (National/DC Comics)

A recent purchase this issue of Action Comics represents the kind of superhero story we all grew up with in the sixties. This was published in August 1964 and contains two adventures, the first with Superman the main star of the book with a back up from Supergirl.

The main feature is The Juvenile Delinquents from Alpha Centauri which introduce us to Zigi and Zagi as the wonder around causing mayhem wherever they go. Superman doesn't have a fight on his hands and has to resort to tricking the pair to going home.

He succeeds but as the jet across the cosmos Supes realises that there is a dangerous criminal hidden on their spacecraft and off he goes to retrieve the felon. Will he be on time?

Meanwhile Supergirl is torn between her real parents (now on Earth) and her foster parents now living in the bottled city of Kandor. Yeah i was confused to. The Menace of Supergirls Mother introduces us to the weird and wonderful world of Krypton.

Honestly exactly how much of Krypton did Brainiac manage to fit in that bleeding bottle.

Unlike most DC comics of this era both stories are continued next issue which is a pain since that means tracking down issue 316. Fingers crossed my local comic shop has a copy or it could be a long wait.

Now-must-track-down-this issue:

Cover for Action Comics #316 (1964)

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