Saturday, 28 March 2015

Marvel Flashback: Sub-Mariner #37

Sub-Mariner #37 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas (w) Ross Andru & Mike Esposito (a)

This is one of the pivotal issues in the Sub-Mariners solo series from the sixties & seventies. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Namor must choose between saving his realm and beating off another attempted invasion of Atlantis by Attuma.

The issue opens with a seemingly happy scene as Namor finally marries the love of his life, the Lady Dorma. Except nothing is as it seems. In her place is a disguised Llyra, former Empress of Lemuria. Upon the discovery of this treachery Namor's famous temper flares and he declares:

"Let my legions stay back-- that Namor may deal with this harridan!"

Of course there's more treachery afoot as Namor discovers a traitor in his court plotting an attack with Attuma, that comes sooner than expected. This delay leads to the inevitable tragedy.

As the cover declares:

Two loves has Namor!! The Land...and The Lady....And one must die.

Long term Marvelites will know the outcome which shapes Namor for years to come.

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