Friday, 27 March 2015

Marvel Flashback: Invaders #22

Invaders 22

The Invaders #22 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas (w) Jim Mooney (a)

The Invaders was Marvels band of heroes from World War 2 published in the seventies. This series lasted some 41 issues plus an Annual & Giant Size edition or two and saw the revival of old Timely heroes from the forties.

Most readers will be familiar with Captain America who is still around today and of course the Sub-Mariner, the half human, half Atlantean hybrid who still rules under the ocean waves today. The other characters, with the exception of Union Jack were all around way back then and are mostly long forgotten.

This issue highlights the origin of Toro, the side-kick to the original Human Torch, not Johnny Storm of Fantastic Four fame but an android who "caught fire" when exposed to air.

Marvel Mystery Comics #5 (1940)                    Captain America (1941)

An interesting tale told as the various heroes head back to old Blighty with Toro's life hanging in the balance aboard a British warship. Turns out that Toro is a mutant, as is the Sub-Mariner. And I bet you thought mutants began with the X-Men.

The title was mildly interesting but always had it's limitations.

This issue is pretty representative of what to expect and worth reading

All Winners Comics #4 (1941)

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