Thursday, 20 August 2015

Marvel UK: The Daredevils #1 (1981)

One of the shorter lived Marvel UK titles was The Daredevils launched in 1981 as a monthly magazine format comic. It was to last just 11 issues and is best remembered for it's revival of Captain Britain by Alan Moore. I have to say that the Captain Britain feature is well worth reading as he literally resurrected from a handful of bones left on a Parrnell Earth by Merlin and his assistant.

The other stories in this comic were Daredevil, which was a quite straightforward story and a reprint of an early Spider-man story. If you had been collecting the Spider-man Pocket Book this was the continuation of the storyline before cancellation. Trouble is if you had been collecting Spider-man Weekly back in the day you might, like me, already have read it.

The early issues contained pull out posters. My copy didn't which is probably why I got it dirt cheap. A copy in much better condition with poster would set you back around twelve quid.

Being in a "magazine format" there's lots of features on Daredevil artist Frank Miller by Alan Moore, Fanzine reviews, swap shops and competitions.

Those were the days.

The Daredevils eventually merged with The Mighty World of Marvel.


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  1. Daredevil vaults a chimney in #1's underworked poster by Gary Leach. You're not missing much, Howie.