Sunday, 16 August 2015

TV Tornado (1967)

There were a number of TV related comics published back in the sixties, some are remembered better than others. Indeed some were more successful than others. The longest running was TV Comic (see post below) which was aimed at a younger audience. Probably the best  of these was TV Century 21 which mainly specialised in Gerry Anderson puppet based stories.

Then there was TV Tornado.

This comic which lasted for 88 issues was a more general adventure strip based title which featured The Saint, The Lone Ranger and Tarzan along with text stories for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Other features included The Phantom, Magnus Robot Hunter and The Green Hornet. The latter being the only one of the three that appeared on TV.

I do recall seeing this comic when published, but back in the day with limited pocket money and a  huge range of better British comics to choose from (let alone the American ones I picked up) it was one that did not really appeal.

And still doesn't I'm afraid. Nostalgia for some of the TV series featured aside, TV Tornado is not a very strong title but may appeal to some.

Later issues included The Mysterons which transferred over from Solo when that title merged. This is actually quite a good story and issues featuring it both here and in Solo attract higher prices.

TV Tornado ended up merging with TV21 in 1968.


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