Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) Remembered

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One of the most iconic superhero TV shows of all time was Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward. There was of course also Batgirl played by the very beautiful Yvonne Craig who sadly passed away today at the age of 78 after a battle with cancer.

Her family issued a statement on her website

Yvonne was a very private person, so from the onset of her battle with cancer, she decided to share with immediate family and very close friends. She wanted to spend all of her energy concentrating on winning her battle. She was adamant about this and wanted to tell her story when she was cured and feeling better. We all respected that wish.

Having spent time with her over these past months, she made her wishes known to me and made me promise I would pass them along. Wish Number One, is that her family, friends and fans would know how much she loved them and always treasured her time with them. Wish Number Two, was that no one waste a moment of their time in mourning for her loss in sadness but instead celebrate the awesome life she had been fortunate enough to live. She felt that she lived a wonderful life and was blessed in many ways.

Often forgotten was her role on Star Trek as one of the green skinned slave girls. Yvonne also appeared in other favourites such as Voyage to he Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants and The Six Million Dollar Man.

But Batgirl will always be my personal favourite. 

Rest in peace Yvonne.

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