Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Marvel UK: Star Wars Weekly (1978)

One the few British comics I read in the seventies was Star Wars Weekly published by Marvel UK. I came "on board" a little later than these issues illustrated but with their back up features this is certainly a title worth collecting.

The story picks up with Hans Solo and Chewbacca arriving on Adouba-3 where as outlaws they hope to hide out a while. Trouble is... they just can't stay out of trouble as Hans & Chewie decide to help out a local priest trying to bury a "borg" (no, not the ones from Star Trek) and the inevitable fight breaks out.

Continuing the action from the first movie the rest of the cast don't show up till a little later (#16 if I remember correctly) and Hans forms his own version of the Magnificent 7 (well 8 in this case) to help out some poor local farmers against an outlaw and his gang.

To be continued.........

I'll certainly be picking the next instalment as not only is this story worth reading you also get a reprint of the first appearance of Star Lord (of Guardians of the Galaxy fame) and the origin of the Watchers.

What else could a lad want. Three great sagas in one comic.

As a reminder of the period in which this was published there is a full page advert for Star Wars fans to "see the film at home" on projectors! Silent and sound versions available.

My, my... how times have changed.


May the force be with you frantic ones!

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