Monday, 17 August 2015

TV21 (1971)

TV Century 21 is one of the more famous comics from the sixties, but as time changed so did the comic. Merging with it's companion title Joe 90 the new comic was renamed TV21 and Joe 90 and renumbered with a new number one!

The joint title was eventually dropped and this comic became simply TV21. Whilst much of it's early content continued the Gerry Anderson stories I was quite surprised to find that the later issues I picked up had none of these at all.

In fact despite having Star Trek as it's lead colour feature there were no TV related features at all. Oddly most of the stories in these later issues were Marvel reprints including the "original" Ghost Rider, a western not the demon motorcyclist that we know today. Add The Spider-man, Silver Surfer and Ringo Kid and you have the general idea.

There were other original British features, but a TV comic this was not.

TV21 lasted 105 issues, eventually changing publishers and ended up merging with Valiant in 1973.


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