Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Dandy Summer Special 1973

One of the joys of summers long gone was the Summer Special, in this case the very long running Dandy, which although has ceased publication still has it's specials and annuals. The main problem with DC Thompson's Summer editions was their size, huge pages which has meant they were far more easily damaged than those produced by other companies which were larger only in terms of the number of pages.

This 1973 edition of The Dandy Summer Special was a little damaged but intact and all pages were readable and a joy to read.

Korky the Cat, Corporal Clott, and of course Desperate Dan are the features most readers will remember. Add to that Smasher and public schoolboy Winker Watson plus my personal favourite, Brassneck the fun begins!

This being later than the editions I read as a kid (mostly back in the mid-sixties) there are a couple of stories I was not familiar with such as PC Big Ears and Whacko.

I'll have to find some copies of earlier editions for personal nostalgia, but in the mean time there is a lot to read including a couple of adventure strips Davie & Goliath (a boy and his dog) and the rather odd Jack Silver.

Grab a copy if you come across one!


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