Monday, 3 August 2015

Marvel UK: Dracula Lives (1975)

During the seventies a relaxation of the Comics Code Authority allowed Marvel to start publishing a range of horror comics based on the beasties and villains we all knew and loved from the Hammer House of Horror, though with more than a touch of the olde "Marvel magic".

One of their more successful titles was Dracula and it wasn't long before Marvel UK adapted the comic for UK publication. I'm not overly familiar with the Marvel version having only ever purchased Giant Size Chillers featuring Dracula #1, so all this was new to me.

In back up features there's Werewolf by Night and The Living Mummy of which I possess a couple of the US editions but not the stories featured here.

Having been attracted by the promise on the cover, Now it begins: The War That Shook The World it was more than a little disappointing to find the Living Mummy story was in mid flow. However the Dracula story Where Lurks The Chimera did seem to start from the beginning.

These were the last three issues before the title co-featured The Legion of Monsters which is on my "must buy" list for the future.

Personally I find horror looks better in black & white.

But then I'm British!


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