Sunday, 2 August 2015

Wham! & Pow! Annual 1973

One of the odder publications issued by Fleetway following their acquisition of the old Odhams Power Comics line (at least it's last remaining title, Smash!) was the Wham & Pow Annual issued for 1973. This Annual (which I purchased some time ago) contains absolutely no material from either Wham! or Pow! at all.

As far as I am aware (having not read it) neither does the one issued for 1974.

This book contains a myriad of material from their archives including some renamed strips but Georgie's Germs or his friends forget it! I assume this volume was issued to ensure they held on to the copyrights of Wham! and Pow!.

Or maybe just to attract parents who may be familiar with the names to encourage a purchase they would not otherwise have made.

Who knows?

This volume is therefore an anomaly. A selection of mainly adventure features I am unaware of their origins but would guess these stories were published elsewhere in the dim and distant past.

Certainly the humour strip Bulldog Breed will be familiar to readers of the of Eagle Comic as Harris Tweed originally published between 1950 to 1962.

Entertaining enough, but not what you would expect from the title.

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