Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Action Comics #50 (DC)


Action Comics #50 (DC)

Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder (w) Various (a)

Over the past few months the story across the various Superman titles have been focused on the loss of Superman's powers, the exposure of his secret identity and being hunted and distrusted by so many around the world that Clark has come close to being finished.

But Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman never gives up and with his beau Wonder Woman beside him at crucial moments he finds the strength to face down his true enemy and mastermind behind his woes, Vandal Savage.

Now I have to say not long after this "saga" begun I lost interest in the story-line. It dragged on for far too long and as a result skipped a couple of issues or so. However this issue finally gets the action going and despite the extra length of this issue does not bring the story to an end. That will happen in an extra-sized Superman #50 later this month.

Vandal Savage has been over-used in DC's "New 52" and frankly considering his immortality and scheming since the stone age has proved to be a bit of useless villain..until this issue. I just hope DC give him a rest. A very long one should he survive the outcome of this story.

I also hope DC have a way of restoring the status-quo with regards to Clark Kent. Having his identity revealed to the world removes a very important part of the Superman ethos.

With Rebirth on the horizon hopefully DC have some fresh ideas to take their characters to new heights and capitalise on the success of their TV shows and the forthcoming Superman/Batman movie.

I live in hope.

Art from "Action Comics" #50 by Aaron Kuder

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