Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tornado Annual 1980

Despite only lasting for just 22 issues between March and July in 1979, Tornado went on to produce two annuals of which this was the first issued in the run up to Christmas 1979. A mix of adventure strips and features as was typical of the genre of "boys" annuals this was a cracking little read.

Some of the usual features were there such as The Mind of Wolfie Smith about a boy with physic powers helping out an old couple who were in danger of being conned by a local businessman out of their farm and having their sheep savaged in the process.

There's also The Guvnor about the sort of cop we all want but isn't allowed in these days of whinging Lawyers protecting the guilty.... plus detective Victor Drago in The Curse of Graveways Abbey.


The outstanding story of this book is The Terror Behind the Bamboo Curtain set in a Japanese POW camp under the sadistic control of Commandant Sado. This seems to be a reprint but I have no idea about it's origin and would be interested to hear from anyone that does know.

Also starring are US government agents Smith & Weston plus the inevitable footy story, Superkings at the rear of the book for those that are interested.

Sadly Tornado never took off and like two other short lived titles put out by Fleetway earlier in the seventies Jet and Thunder went through the inevitable merger, in this case with the still surviving 2000AD.

Pity there was some good stuff in this and the other two dropped titles. All worth reading if you can find copies.

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  1. I recently picked up the 1980 Annual at a car boot sale for 33p! (3 for a quid!). The Bamboo curtain is a reprint from Battle Picture Weekly which started in the 1st issue of that comic.