Friday, 25 March 2016

Hotspur Book for Boys 1986

One of Britains longest running comics was the Hotspur. Published in two volumes, the first beginning in 1933 as a text story paper, it was relaunched as the New Hotspur in 1959, eventually reverting to simply the Hotspur later in it's run.

In later years the title absorbed Hornet and The Crunch before itself being absorbed by Victor in 1981 as the sales of British comics declined.


However as was quite usual with British comics the Annuals outlasted the parent title, this edition published in 1986 contains stories that are fun to read, but are more suited to a simpler age than readers were becoming accustomed to.

The cover features Nick Holly, The Flying Horseman and other stories covered a variety of genres including Grasshopper Green which appears to be a reprint from the Hornet way back in th sixties. There's also X-Bow, a sort of superhero, football with Dozy Danny, comedy with The Bobby of Black Rock and lots more besides.

Sadly no King Cobra feature, one of Hotspur's better stories that Strip attempted to revamp in its' shot run a couple of years back.

These annuals ran from 1934 to 1992.

Everyone should have at least one of these in their collection.


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