Sunday, 27 March 2016

Star Lord Summer Special 1978

Star Lord was a short lived comic which lasted just 22 issues between May and October 1978. There was time for just the one summer special.

Two of it's strips were quite successful.  Both Ro-Busters and Strontium Dog went on to appear in companion title 2000AD, the latter still being published today. Star Lord was printed on higher quality paper than 2000AD and did cost more as a result. I'm told it actually sold more than 2000AD but a decision was made to merge with it's sister title which had itself only reached #86 by that point.

In retrospect that appears to have been the right move


The summer special contains all the usual fare from the parent comic plus a short story from Arthur C Clarke which albeit text appeared on the back cover. There's also an interview with Gerry Anderson and a feature on sci-fi movies of the fifties.

I particularly liked Time Quake which had an interesting twist involving Lenin and the Russian Revolution as part of a scheme to save the world of the future.

There were also 3 annuals published after the comics demise. Not seen any of these as yet, but Star Lord shouldn't be too difficult to collect given it's short run.

2000AD is still going as the sole surviving weekly adventure comic and will reach it's 2000th edition this year so look out for something special from the publishers!

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