Sunday, 13 March 2016

Spider-Man Annual 1977

Over the years there have been a number of Annuals featuring Spider-Man, many like this one were produced by World Distributors. The 1977 annual (released in 1976) is a collection of team-up tales (except for the space-filler at the rear).

The main feature, The Yesterday Connection contains a reprint of Giant-Size Spider-Man #3 which sees Spidey fight a menace in the present day that Doc Savage faced in the thirties. They never actually meet. Although Doc senses there is something wrong with the scenario he never gets to the bottom of it.

That's left to Spider-Man who doesn't just take the faux victims word for it and sets thing right.

It's all to to do with "modern attitudes".

The second story, To  Sow the Seeds of Death's Day sees Spidey team-up with the Punisher as they seek to prevent the use of innocents for experiments with gas weapons.

Just in time Spidey remembers that the Punisher doesn't hang around in dealing his form of "justice", though Spider-man does live to fight another day.

These annuals are nicely produced, full colour editions and worth collecting.


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