Sunday, 20 March 2016

Joe 90 Annual 1969

After the success of Thunderbirds Gerry Anderson went to create Joe 90, a memorable but not quite so popular show Joe 90. As was the trend in the sixties Joe 90 spawned a comic, but this lasted just a mere 34 issues before being merged with the long running TV 21 comic.

Nevertheless Joe 90's short run included Star Trek and Land of the Giants stories which were great fun.


As for the Annual. This is just pure Joe 90 with quite a few stories plus some features about W.I.N. (World Intelligence Network) and their operatives.

The story of a boy used as a secret agent by his father. Not sure what child protection would make of this these days, but every young boys dream I would have thought.

Did I mention he had a flying car? Dinky Toys made a model!

Dinky 102 Joe 90's Car

Here's the opening episode of the series for your entertainment!

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