Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mighty World of Marvel Comics #200 (1976)

In the 1970's Marvel had launched a foray into the British comics market starting in 1972 with The Mighty World of Marvel featuring Spider-Man, the Hulk and The Fantastic Four. Spidey soon gained his own title and a slew of other comics followed.

This was the "golden age" of British Marvel as these comics really stood out in the newsagents with their glossy covers and colourful characters.

Writing in the editorial of MWOM #200, Stan Lee managed to link the landmark issue with the American Bi-centennial taking place that year and thanked his thousands of British readers for their "friendship and support"

There were four stories in each issue with #200 featuring the aftermath of the first encounter with Wolverine against the Hulk. Old green-skin got away again. Will the authorities never learn? Hulk just wants to be left alone.

The Avengers were up next with an amusing tale that takes us back to the very first days of Marvel when the Fantastic Four defeated the Skrulls and left the shape changing aliens  in the form of cows in a field. However they've been woken up and are threatening the Earth once more.

Conan the Barbarian with pretty maiden in tow faces the inevitable monster as Shokkoth attacks...

And we finish with a Day in the Life with Daredevil, as Matt Murdoch searches for his lost love Karen Page.

Those were the days.

One thing that did stand out were the more content orientated and responsive letters pages which allowed Marvel to create a participative fandom that British comics, with perhaps the exception of 2000AD never achieved.

Marvel comics continue to be published in the UK, (by Panini) with Mighty World of Marvel being one of them but in a totally different format and in full colour.


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