Friday, 18 March 2016

Get Smart #6 (Dell/1967)

Get Smart #6 (Dell)

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Back in the sixties secret agents were all the rage. From the UK there was Danger Man and James Bond. The USA had The Man From U.N.C.L.E and err... Agent Smart.

This was a programme shown in the UK after I returned from school and featured the adventures of Maxwell Smart, Agent 99 and their pooch, K13.

Gadgets were all the rage back then and what made us all giggle was the use of the world's first truly mobile phone in erm.. Agent Smarts shoe, which of course had to be taken off to be answered. Not so practical then.

This show, which ran for 168 episodes from 1965 until being cancelled in 1970 also spawned the inevitable licensed comic published by Dell. There were only 8 bi-monthly issues, the last being  a reprint of the first but they did capture the feel of the series.


And here is the very memorable theme tune:

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