Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dan Dare Annual 1991

The second volume of The Eagle had published the adventures of Dan Dare since it's return in 1982, but this was not your fathers' Dan Dare. It was in fact the great grandson of Dan who also happened to be called dan Dare. He got his own annual in 1987.

Then as Eagle began to change in the late eighties, the original Dan Dare was brought back with a fanfare!

I'm not entirely sure about the reasoning, perhaps the retro-look was considered more hip as British comics struggled to compete with their American rivals. Whatever the reason Dare was back and inevitably he too got his own Annual.

There are four stories plus a host of features including an amusing solo tale of Dare's sidekick Digby in which he alone saves the Earth from an alien invasion.

Still it's a long way forward from Dare's first solo appearance way back in 1962!

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  1. Don't know why, but Dan Dare always reminds me of Buck Rogers and vice-versa...