Saturday, 19 March 2016

Buster & Monster Fun Holiday Special 1980

One of the most popular and long running British comics was the Buster. In its 40 year history Buster merged with a number of other comics, one of which was the short-lived Monster Fun, which ran for just 74 issues until 1976 when the headline "Great News Inside" appeared on the cover.

For a while the comic shared the masthead with Buster and this included a number of "Holiday Specials" which appeared during the summer holidays.


Monster Fun had been a horror/comedy title and many of these strips made it through to the merged comic, including the specials.

The 1980 Holiday Special is mostly comedy strips with just one adventure strip, a clearly reprinted story from earlier years featuring Wonder Horse, set in the wild west a genre that had frankly lost it's lustre by the eighties.

Otherwise it's comedy all the way with Dracuclass featuring Dracula's Daughter, Rent-a-Ghost Ltd, Kid Kong, Frankie Stein, The Misers and a host of others to brighten the long summer weeks!

Buster of course continued until 2000 and was the last of a long line of British humour comics published by Fleetway/IPC.

Those were the days!


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