Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Coming of the Supermen #1 (DC)


The Coming of the Supermen (DC Comics)

Neal Adams (w) & (a)

When there's a threat too big even for Superman to handle you need to call for more Supermen which is exactly what this six-issue miniseries written and drawn by comics legend Neal Adams brings us!

One word: Darkseid.

Ultimate baddy and destroyer of gods and men is at war with Earth....again.

In all the cosmos only one world has fought off an attack by Darkseid and his minions....ours, so he's back and more dangerous than ever.

Three more Kryptonians land in a field inside an alien ship, but this time it's not Kansas, it's Iowa. And the owners get really pissed off their mobiles don't have cameras due to being on a pensioner scheme. Oh well that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I've been a fan of Neal Adams since the sixties and in particular loved his work on my (then) favourite DC title The Spectre.

Now we have a new adventure set in the middle of the Darkseid War that raises the bar for current Dc output since so much of their stuff of late has been a disappointment.

Highly recommend. Tell 'em Howie sent ya! 

Oh and just who is Darkseids progenitor? Look towards ancient Egypt and learn.



  1. I think "they" missed a trick here. Title should have been the Kryptonians (the word Kryptonians being in "Superman" type typeface). And perhaps two Superwomen/(girls?)instead of three more Supermen! The bar has been raised a little by having a non-white Superman...a first for a Kryptonian?

  2. Excellent one of my favourite comic characters of all time adn my favourite all time artist - saying that lets hope the story is better than the weird (ok awful at times) "Batman Odyssey"