Saturday, 18 March 2017

All Star Adventure Comic #93 (Planet Comics/Australia/undated)

I picked up a copy of the Australian reprint title at random whilst visiting my local comics shop. Reminiscent of the Alan Class titles that were issued in the UK, this has a slightly bigger page size but is in glorious black & white the chosen format of both British and Australian companies back then.

This comic feature stories from the Legion of Superheroes, Adam Strange and a stray horror story. All DC, the one company that Alan Class did not get reprint rights for.

I have picked up a similar comic before and like the Alan Class one's you never know what to expect when you read it, which why I enjoy this type of comic. Hit and miss sometimes but this one was certainly a hit even if I already had a copy of the last Legion story.

Here's a gallery of some other issues. They are all undated.



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