Monday, 13 March 2017

Weird Western Tales #24 (DC/1974)

Weird Western Tales #24 (DC)

Michael Fleischer (w) Noly Panaligan (a)

Jonah Hex, Bounty Hunter, all round anti-hero was in my opinion the best "western" character to ever hit the stands. Gritty, "realistic", hard hitting and well written. Hex's adventures have entertained in a way no other comic of this genre could.

In this issue Jonah is recovering from temporary blindness in a small town where his past actions are fast catching up with him. Driven out of Point Pyrrhus, a small frontier settlement along with an annoying actor, Jonah has to brave the desert and his foes with a man not suited to action guiding his hand.

The real hero of the story is not Jonah himself as we discover at the tragic end.

Jonah Hex is a comic worth collecting and there's further appearances in his own series over the years. The last being part of the "New 52" line in which Hex finds himself in the modern day DC universe.

There's also one where Jonah gets flung to the far future!


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