Monday, 27 March 2017

Creepy #145 Last* Issue (Warren/1983)

When Creepy #145 appeared on the stands there wasn't a hint inside that this was to be the last issue. Far from it. The inhouse newspage even announced the return of the letters page which had been missing for some time much to the chagrin of readers.

There were features on Warren's other magazines and an advert for the next issue #146 which would "be on sale Jan 25th". Issue 146 was to appear a couple of years later as a one-off from Harris Publications who purchased the rights to Vampirella, Creepy and Eerie but these were later returned to Warren for a while.

Sadly the age of the adult black & white horror magazine was drawing to a close. Rivals Skywald had folded after Marvel flooded the market and even Stan Lee's characters failed to make enough profit in this format with the exception of Savage Sword of Conan which would be the longest running title of all.

A shame really.

Only Vampirella was to continue and then in the full colour format chosen by Harris for a lengthy run of different titles. they even kept the fan club going. Today of course Vampy is published by Dynamite.

Unusually this edition contained just three stories, the first of which Moral Blood took up half the pages. A western with vampires and a tragic ending. Well worth the price of entry on it's own.

All of Them Must Die and The Iceman Killeth which follow are the usual tales of gore and horror especially for the greedy that we all came to love.

Warren were truly one of the great comics publishers.


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