Saturday, 25 March 2017

Justice League of America #71 (DC/1969)

Justice League of America #71 (DC Comics)

Dennis O'Neill (w) Dick Dillin (a)

Hailing from the late sixties this issue of Justice League of America tells the tale of the Martian Manhunter's origin. Well one of them anyway. I don't recall ever having seen this issue or heard of this tale before but worth a plunge as are most copies of JLA from that simpler era when kids reallly were children...

Featuring a guest appearance from the "new look" powerless Wonder Woman of the time the Justice League have to be called upon to stop a stranger wrecking a carnival. Managing to beat off each JLA member in turn, the "villain" is only beaten when Green Arrow uses a phosphorous arrow causing a fire which weakens and unmasks the Manhunter.

Distraught and confused he returns to the JLA satellite to tell the tale of his last days on Mars as a warlord fighting the Northern Martians for the sole source of heat on the planet. Losing the fight J'onzz is exiled when the transporter takes him to Earth.

The villain responsible for his plight has returned and is bringing genocide to Mars. The JLA must travel to the Red Planet to stop Blanx.

This tale has a tragic ending with the JLA stopping Blanx and his alien allies but failing to save all but a few Martians who manage to escape but not knowing where they have gone, J'onzz leaves the JLA to seek out the whereabouts of his people.

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