Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Eerie #32 (Warren/1971)

Another edition of Eerie one of Warren's great adult orientated horror/fantasy magazines entered into my small, but growing collection of this genre.

And to start the ball rolling is a tale Superhero? So what's the twist? Erm actually this guy who calls himself Crime Crusher literally does "rub out" criminals and when they seek revenge for his actions one underworld hitman pays the ultimate sacrifice when he discovers that Crime Crusher is actually already dead......

The Warning of the Hawk is set in the Himalaya's follows with a tale of greed, murder and comeuppance as the secret of the buried alien doesn't do our villain any good. Meat anyone?

Sticking with the top of the world for a setting Bill Reamy finds sanctuary with monks in The Wailing Tower, but as usual greed overtakes gratitude and hiding in the Tower isn't exactly a good idea. Should have listened the monks Bill!

Bookworm by Richard Corben comes up with a tale of a librarian and his bookworm with a wee bit of a twist and some black magic. Is that noise really the plumbing or is it deep from somewhere else?

I Fell For You is the penultimate story of a rejected prom date, a rematch, wedding and more greed. Say a lot of greed gets punished around these parts. Just stay away from the plane door. You never know where your body might fall!

The Faustian tale Soul Power concludes this issue and why people think the Devil won't get his wily way or you'll meet a fate worse than death never fails to amaze. Hey, you know Old Harry ain't real don't you.....

Pick up a copy to read just before bedtime....sweet dreams!


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