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House of Secrets #32 (DC/1960)

House of Secrets #32 (DC)

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One of the joys of reading an old comic is looking at the adverts as well as the stories. These tell you as much about the time the comic appeared and in this case the Justice League of America appeared in an ad for Showcase, National/DC's "tryout" title. The silver age of superheroes was only just starting out.

The main comics being promoted were "adventure" series such as Tomahawk, Challenges of the Unknown and Blackhawk. Even Rip Hunter, Time Master was not in his own comic and slated to follow the JLA in another edition of Showcase.

This issue has three stories including a continuing feature Mark Merlin, destined to be be transformed into Prince Ra Man later in the sixties. In this issue Mark takes his secretary into danger in The Test Tube World which is featured on the cover and what was the main attraction for picking this up on a whim.

Rogue science is the subject of the lead story Prisoner of Formula Zero with a scientist trapped in a solution of his making that eats metal. This is followed by one of those weird mysteries in which Carl Jador must find out if he is real or just a character in a book. The Creatures from the Book rounds of this issue.

Finally another cover which must have had prepubescent boys having stitches of laughter. I don't think they thought this through....

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