Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kid Colt Outlaw # 138 (Marvel/1968)

Kid Colt Outlaw# 138 (Marvel Comics Group)

Denny O'Neill/Gary Friedich (w) Werner Roth (a)

Western comics were once a mainstay of the comics industry, in America at least. Even as a child I was less keen on them despite rather liking "westerns" on film & TV. Even had toys based on the "Wild West" and the American Civil War. Remember those 1:72 packs of plastic figures produced by Airfix?

Only one or two westerns made it m Yet these comics sold well enough to last, and Kid Colt Outlaw was certainly one of the ones that lasted. Published from 1948 until 1979 the Kid managed a grand 225 or so issues, though many from the late sixties were reprints apparently.

I picked this one up just for a change and it's not a bad comic if you like westerns. Two Kid Colt stories The End of an Outlaw and The Avenging Son, the latter being the better tale as it focused on racism towards American Indians.

Not one I will be collecting but an interesting diversion from the plethora of horror and mystery titles I have been reading of late.


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