Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Flash #227 (DC/1974)

The Flash #227 (DC)

Cary Bates (w) Irv Novick & Frank McLaughlin (a)

A dramatic cover from the early seventies introduces us to a story Flash This is Your Death, a parody of the long gone TV show,  This is your Life older readers may recall. DC loved trying to attract it's readers with this kind of cover (see the gallery below) which "sort of" gave us the story line inside.

We meet the very dangerous Aussie villain, Boomerang who is sprung from incarceration by none other than his own father. Digger and his dad then go on a mission to wipe out the Flash in a plot that involves a giant boomerang (not entirely unexpected) and a journey through a scary dimension.

Do you really need a plot spoiler. The Flash escapes and brings the perps to justice!

DC was struggling during this period as Marvel gained ascendency as can seen by the Green Lantern appearing as a "co-feature" in The Flash, his own title cancelled.

In My Ring, My Enemy a strange yellow force (GL's weakness at this time was anything coloured yellow) Hal Jordan is forced to balance of good with an act of evil.

To be continued.....



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