Monday, 6 March 2017

Tales of Suspense #69 (Marvel/1965)

Tales of Suspense #69 (Marvel Comics)

Iron Man: Stan Lee (w) Don Heck (a)
Captain America: Stan Lee (w) Jack Kirby/Dick Ayers (a)

From the early days of Marvel, Tales of Suspense featuring two of their best known heroes, Iron Man and Captain America.  In the mid-sixties Marvel was still a fledgling company with the number of titles they could publish restricted by their distributor (owned by their arch-rivals, National/DC) as a result Tales of Suspense was one of three comics which were "shared" by different super-heroes.

Many people have fond memories of these comics which are a joy to read but it was not so much for me as I could never find or afford to buy the continuing stories every month. However some did fall into my small hands and I picked this up because I had this and the conclusion (in 71) as a child. Now is maybe the time to actually get a copy of #70 as well as #71 to get the full story.

Iron Man faces the Titanium Man in a story that was very much a product of the Cold War which was still at it's height in 1965 and would continue for another two decades. A battle between West and East that took three issues to resolve. On and the commie cheats by the way.....

Meanwhile a traitor is at work in Greymoor Castle in England where Dr Rawlings plans to shrink  both Captain America and Bucky with a new type of radiation. His direct master? The Red Skull. However Cap (as Steve Rogers) heads off in a raid on Nazi occupied Europe leaving Bucky alone, who inevitably gets captured leading to Cap deserting his platoon to rescue young Bucky Barnes.

Meanwhile Panzers are closing in on his comrades.....


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