Sunday, 19 March 2017

Psycho #9 (Skywald/1972)

With such an invitation to join the Slither-Slime Man who couldn't resist picking this horror title from the seventies up. Skywald were a serious attempt to compete with the long established Warren Publishers.

Psycho was one of three main titles put out by the company which also included Nightmare and Scream. At the time these were successful but when Marvel flooded the black & white magazine market in the early seventies it was Skywald that suffered with their titles being backpedalled by distributors. Sadly none of their magazines lasted beyond #24.

Like all anthology titles you pay the entry fee and take what you get. Some stories are good others not so. It all depends on individual tastes.

The Slither-Slime Man sees a rotten Sheriff investigate some bizarre goings on in the local cemetery. Determined to find the culprit at anycost he harassed the residents of a local asylum and then kills an innocent man. However the Slither-Slime Man is on hand to bring retribution........

Up next is Ghostly Reunion, a tale of a jealous man who fears his itinerant night-worker is stealing his wife. Murder is on his mind but Gene isn't very bright.

Suffer the Little Children is the best story in this issue. Two seemingly nice kids, an absent father and a rampant couple who kill themselves in a tale that will bring the dead to life.

Unrequited love is the theme of A Plot of Dirt as a Zombie is resurrected to murder and Dracula's daughter makes an appearance a Question of Identity.

Fraudsters get their comeuppance in The Graveyard Jungle. The moral being that you should be real careful who you try to rip-off.

With the confusing All the Ways and Means to Die ending this issue, it's overall a good read. Not easy to find and usually a wee bit more pricey than the Warren magazines these are worth collecting.


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