Sunday, 5 March 2017

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #1 (Marvel Magazine/1974)

At long last I have managed to get hold of the first two issues of this short lived black & white magazine published by Marvel in the mid-seventies.  There were just six editions plus one "special" published as part of Marvel's entry into the magazine market aimed at older readers.

Like all anthology titles the content varies but whilst the majority of material is great to good there are some duff stories in this comic. The highlight of this and the second issue is an adaptation of Day of the Triffids by Gerry Conway with art from Ross Andru & Ernie Chua.

A View from Without is next, which I ended up skipping over as the format did not appeal, but Smash Gordon which follows is a very poor show. Fortunately the mag picks up with Savage World by Wally Wood with art from Al Williamson and Hey Buddy, can you lend me a ...

The moral being always carry a dime!

The whole magazine is framed by the on-going saga of Slow Glass which has a complete feature at the end in a nice little story Light of Other Days by Tony Isabella with art from Gene Colan & Mike Espsito. Nobody ever seems to want to purchase this "slow glass stuff" despite its wondrous properties.

An interesting series well worth a dip. I'd recommend the Special if you don't fancy collecting the lot. It has the best stories!

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