Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Weird War Tales #12 (DC/1973)

Weird War Tales #12 (DC Comics)

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One of the more interesting war comics was the mystery anthology Weird War Tales launched by DC in 1971 and ran for 124 issues until 1983 when the age of such comics was coming to end. Like all anthologies the stories could be a mixed bunch but then there's always a surprise or two worth picking up a copy for.

This issue features three stories, two of which revolve in different eras around the Egyptian God Anubis. God of Vengeance leads off with the tale of a High Priestess urging her God to avenge her untimely and unjust death at the hands of a lecherous Pharoah. What happens next. Let's just say the jackals have a feast

The some 3,000 years later two American prisoner and yet another Priestess get killed by a fanatical Nazi.  Herr Krantz should have heeded the words of the Priestess as he falls in battle at the direct hands....of Anubis in Hand of Hell.

The last adventure, The Warrior and the Witch Doctor sees a Roman soldier transported to the future, for us the present day at the hands of a British Druid. With this he is able to change history and save his army from ambush.

An entertaining read. Pick up a copy or two.


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